Sixth Form

Sixth Form 2018 – 2020

The Sixth Form at Highclare School offers a variety of courses to suit the needs of the individual student. Our aim is to deliver high quality teaching which will ensure that students gain the necessary qualifications to facilitate progression to Higher Education

There are a wide range of A level subjects available.   Students will be required to study for two full years to achieve their A level qualifications.  We also encourage students to complete the ‘Extended Project’ Qualification (EPQ) alongside A level choices and further details will be explained in preparation for this decision.  University offers are normally made on three A level grades or accumulated tariff points.

Highclare’s policy on the new reformed A Level structure


  • Pupils will be asked to choose three or four subjects
  • If four subjects are selected, the fourth, or least favoured subject will then be examined at the end of the first year as an AS
  • The remaining three subjects will be studied to A level. A levels are examined at the end of year two


Students studying A levels no longer have the benefit of counting AS points towards the full qualification. Arrangements will be made for regular internal assessments to be taken over the two year duration of the courses to monitor progress.

When necessary, students may resit GCSE subjects and we will timetable for students to resit English or Mathematics if they did not achieve a ‘4 to 9’ grade at GCSE.

In the majority of subjects, the teaching groups are small.   This affords teachers the privilege of close monitoring to ensure that each pupil achieves their highest academic potential.   Our procedures ensure that difficulties are identified and dealt with speedily.

One of the strengths of the Sixth Form at Highclare is its flexibility.   Each student is treated as an individual and his/her needs and requirements are catered for.   As far as possible, the timetable is structured for the subject options of each student.

Students are asked to complete an application form for entry to Highclare Sixth Form, upon which they will be required to indicate which subjects they intend to study at A level.   These subjects will then be timetabled for the following September.  We aim to satisfy the needs of most students’ choices, and can usually achieve a timetable to suit needs.   Inevitably, there will be pupils who decide to join Sixth Form after the timetable is planned and others who would like to change their proposed subjects after their GCSE results.   In both cases every effort possible will be made to accommodate their choices, but a student with a serious commitment to Highclare at an early stage will be given priority.

Students entering the Sixth Form will need to achieve at least five 9-4 (A*-C) grades or better at GCSE level.   However, we would prefer students to have achieved at least 9-6 (A*-B) at GCSE in the subjects they intend to study at A level.   With Highclare’s flexible approach, each student is assessed and a suitable course structured for his or her needs. Full advice will be available to prospective sixth formers about the choice of subjects needed to follow  particular careers and to gain entry into Higher Education.   Advice will also be available for those who have a specific career in mind and for those who aim to seek employment after their sixth form course.

The Sixth Form is co-educational and Highclare welcomes students from other schools and colleges.   Students from other schools who are considering entry into Highclare’s Sixth Form should contact the School as early as possible to discuss their choice of subjects.

All students must be prepared to work hard and to participate in the activities of the School.    They will be expected to undertake the responsibilities of being Prefects and to behave maturely and set a good example to pupils lower down the School.

The Sixth Form has its own suite of rooms in The Abbey block, including a Sixth Form study centre, a common room and specialist study rooms.   All students will be given an iPad for their own use.    The introduction of using an iPad in education has been embraced by students and teachers with the aim of making lessons more time efficient and engaging.   The Sixth Form is small, informal and friendly and provides a pleasant atmosphere in which the students may develop and mature as they study for future goals.   Students are encouraged to participate in Sport, ICT, Music and Drama.   Those students whose timetable allows may choose to participate in a community service placement.   This provides valuable experience for the student and local organisations benefit from the enthusiasm and dedication of our students.

At Highclare, the students enjoy good relationships with highly experienced, caring staff who are always available and willing to help and encourage them to achieve their full potential.   In Highclare’s Sixth Form we hope that every learner is an empowered learner and every day at school is an enriching experience.   our relationship with students is aimed at being supportive, caring and inspiring, and all staff work towards making the journey to academic excellence and enjoyable one.