TOPS (Wrap Around Care)

Highclare Junior School is delighted to offer its ‘wrap around care’ provision in the form of Before School and After School Club during term time for the 3-11 year olds.

TOPS in Term Time

During term time, we offer an inclusive Before and After School Care for pupils in Reception, J1 – J6 (Year 1- 6).

Both Before and After School Care are held daily within the school environment. They provide a safe, secure and enjoyable extension to the school day for Highclare pupils and all are welcome to attend.

Morning session:                 7.30 am – 8.30 am

Afternoon session 1:           from end of school until 4.45 pm

Afternoon Session 2:          from 4.45 pm – 6. 00 pm

School teas can also be ordered at an additional cost. Children not requiring tea will be given a snack and a drink.


Upon arrival in After School Care, the register is taken. The pupils then have their tea or enjoy drinks and a healthy snack while sitting together and chatting with the pupils/ staff. They can then select from a variety of activities and play with their friends until collected by their parents/carer.


To enhance the pupils’ enjoyment of the extended school day, various multicultural and play-based activities are provided by the staff to create a relaxed yet stimulating environment for holistic development.

For Infants these include table top and floor games which develop the imagination and help the pupils to communicate with one another; creative activities such as making bookmarks and door hangers which help to develop their manipulative and design skills; role play opportunities such as dressing up and construction which enable them to re-enact familiar stories and practise their social and imaginative skills.

The pupils can also relax by watching a DVD.

For Juniors, activities include board games such as ‘Monopoly’, ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and ‘Connect 4’ which enable the pupils to develop their understanding of number, tactics and cooperative play; socio-dramatic opportunities in which the pupils select from an assortment of props to enhance their play and interaction with one another.

The pupils also have access to quiet areas where they can complete homework, read books or just rest. The pupils also have access to the computers.

We endeavour to meet the children’s individual needs and to promote their welfare and enjoyment through the opportunities provided.


The After School Care staff are employed by Highclare School and have a great deal of experience working with young children.

Food and Drink

Highclare School promotes healthy eating and we encourage the pupils to eat regularly from a balanced menu.

If your child has any specific dietary requirements, please let us know and we will endeavour to cater for them.

Breakfast Club – The breakfast menu, served from 8am, offers a choice of cereals, toast, juice or water to drink. Your child can make his/her selection upon arrival.

After School Care –  A healthy snack is provided for all those attending.
Hot teas and sandwiches are available on different days at an additional cost.