Senior School

Highclare Senior School, including the Sixth Form, is open to girls and boys from 11 to 18 years.

Highclare School provides a safe, secure and friendly environment with excellent staff to pupil ratios. Our high standards of behaviour ensure that lessons take place in an harmonious atmosphere, allowing teachers to devote all their time and energies to the learning and achievement of the pupils in their care. We believe that by focusing on the importance of good manners and mutually respectful conduct, we are able to create a calm environment which is conducive to the achievement of academic excellence.

Achieving Individual Excellence

Teaching staff are highly motivated, well-qualified and caring professionals who have a wealth of experience of building good relationships with pupils.  Every child really does matter at Highclare School and we know that our pupils respond well to the individual care and attention they receive.  We strive for individual excellence and provide flexibility within the curriculum to build on individual strengths both inside and outside the classroom.

We aim to stretch pupils’ own development through extra-curricular activities, providing many opportunities for this within school, thereby fostering team-building and leadership skills. Our established House Point System encourages a spirit of competitiveness and belonging which we believe is invaluable to a child’s overall development.

As well as having a Form Teacher, each pupil at Highclare Senior School is assigned a Personal Tutor upon entry to the school, who will remain with them throughout their time at Highclare. The Personal Tutor will meet with them on a regular basis, and generally take an active interest in their academic progress and emotional wellbeing

Our academic results speak for themselves, with overall pass rates placing us high in the league tables.

Above all, pupils of Highclare Senior School leave us as articulate and confident young people, who are assured of their personal strengths and who possess the ability to present themselves well in both higher education and the wider world of work.

Highclare Senior School is a wonderfully vibrant community in which boys and girls aged 11 – 18 years are encouraged to achieve individual excellence.

There is a rich curriculum, co and extra curriculum that provide much enrichment and allow pupils to fulfil their individual potential.  Our philosophy of educating the whole person ensures the pupils develop their emotional and spiritual intelligence as well as their academic excellence.

Highclare School is a member of the prestigious Independent Schools Association  and The Society of Heads.