Fees Commencing September 2023

1. Registration and Deposit
2. Pre-Prep (Cygnets and Swans)
3. Infants, Juniors and Seniors
4. Extras
5. Schedule of Payment of School Fees
6. Methods of Payment of School Fees


Fees for spring and summer terms may be subject to review during the course of the school year. Below are our compulsory registration fees:

Registration Fee £90.00
Friends of Highclare School £25.00
Company Membership £1.00

A 10% reduction on basic fees will be given for 2nd child and 20% reduction for 3rd child. Please see below for important terms and conditions regarding payment of School Fees.
Basic fees include Personal Accident Insurance for all pupils and a charge for books and stationery where appropriate.


All applicants must pay the registration fees outlined above.

Applicants for Reception upwards must also pay a deposit of £350, this deposit is held on the child’s account for the duration of their education at Highclare School and is returned to the payee when the child leaves.

In the event that an applicant is starting within one term of their offer letter, an additional £1500 deposit will be required. This deposit will be deducted from the first term’s invoice.

All deposits and registration fees are non-refundable in the event that the child does not take up a place with us.

Pre-Prep (Cygnets and Swans)

Fees are calculated for the month ahead and paid monthly in advance by Direct Debit. 

We admit children from the September after they attain the age of 2 years.

Inclusive of nappies, meals, snacks and drinks. At Highclare Pre-Preparatory School a session is classed as one morning or one afternoon. (There is a minimum requirement of 5 sessions per week).

Full Week £308.00 Per week
Daily Rate £68.00 Per day (two sessions)
Session Rate £43.00 Per session (Am or Pm)

From the term after children attain the age of 3 years (and eligible for free entitlement)

Government regulations stipulate that the maximum funding that may be claimed for full year pupils is 38 weeks. Free entitlement at Highclare School is applied to bills as either three mornings or three afternoons in the first instance. After these sessions have been allocated, we charge the normal session rate for any additional sessions in a week.

In order to meet our requirement of 5 sessions a week that will mean that, as a minimum, a bill payer will have three sessions funded and a remaining two sessions billed at the normal session rate per week.

Fees for Infants, Juniors and Seniors

* The funded fee rate applies only until the end of the term in which the child turns 5 years of age and incorporates the free entitlement.



Funded*         £2,295.00 Per term

Non-Funded   £3,525.00 Per term

Yr1 and Yr2 £3,790.00 Per term
Yr3 £4,260.00 Per term
Yr4 £4,400.00 Per term
Yr5 and Yr6 £4,535.00 Per term
U3 – U6 (Yr7 – Yr13) £5,325.00 Per term

Additional charges:
• Sixth form books and stationery – payable in addition to school fees.
• GCSE, AS & A Level examination entry fees – payable in addition to school fees.
• A deposit for locker keys is payable (if applicable). This will be refunded on leaving, upon return of key.

Lunches / Drinks

Lunches Reception – Yr6 £295.00 Per term
Lunches U3 – U6 £315.00 Per term
Milk or orange juice £45.00 Per term


Before and after school provision

Morning Session (full week) £275.00 Per term
Afternoon Session 1 (full week) (3.15-4.45) £595.00 Per term (including tea)
Afternoon Session 2 (full week) (4.45 – 6.00) £405.00 Per term

Transport (For pupils in Yr1 upwards)

Fees allow for a journey each day.  No refund will be given for journeys not taken.

Fare A (from Aldridge, Great Barr, Tamworth, Lichfield and Coleshill to all sites)

Return £656.00 Per term
Single £420.00 Per term

Fare B (from Streetly, Mere Green and Four Oaks to all sites)

Return £526.00 Per term
Single £329.00 Per term

Fare C (from Walmley and between the Highclare Senior School & Highclare St Paul’s)

Return £458.00 Per term
Single £302.00 Per term

Fare D (between Highclare St Paul’s & Highclare Woodfield)

Return £368.00 Per term
Single £275.00 Per term

Fare E (between Highclare Woodfield & Highclare Senior School)

Return £296.00 Per term
Single £225.00 Per term

Music / Speech / Clubs

Reception to Yr2

Music Lessons £175.00 Per term (10 lessons)
Speech Training (LAMDA) Yr2 only £200.00 Per term (10 lessons)
Ballet £95.00 Per term (10 lessons)

Junior  Schools (Yr3 – Yr6)

Music Lessons £245.00 Per term (10 lessons)
Speech Training (LAMDA) £200.00 Per term (10 lessons)
Ballet £95.00 Per term (10 lessons)

Senior School 

Music Lessons £245.00 Per term (10 lessons)
Speech Training (LAMDA) £200.00 Per term (10 lessons)

Schedule of payment of School Fees

  1. Prep-Prep (Cygnets and Swans)

Fees are calculated for the month ahead and paid monthly in advance by Direct Debit.

  1. Reception to U6 (Yr 13)

Fees are payable termly in advance – Parents are reminded that fees are due and payable on the first day of term.  We welcome payment of termly fees (full amount only) by direct credit (via Internet or Telephone Banking) or alternatively by debit / credit card via our on-line payment facility ‘Parent Pay’.

Monthly payments – Monthly instalments are offered as an alternative method of paying school fees via School Fee Plan (10 instalments commencing August).  Please note that Parent Pay should NOT be used for any payment by instalments.

  1. Late fees – In order that a fair and equitable system operates for the payment of school fees, it is necessary to make a charge in respect of fees paid late. Please refer to our Policy on Debt and the parent contract.


  1. Prep-Prep (Cygnets and Swans)

One months’ notice, in writing, will be required to terminate a Cygnets (Pre-Prep 1) contract.

Three months’ notice, in writing, will be required to terminate a Swans (Pre-Prep 2) contract.

  1. Reception to U6 (Yr 13)

A full term’s notice, in writing, effective on or before the first day of term, is required to terminate a school contract (Rec – U6).  ‘Extras’ (transport, music, speech, ballet etc) are subject to half a term’s notice.

School Payment Methods – Fees and Other Payments

The following payment methods are available:

  1. Bank Transfer

    Payment can be made directly into the school bank account:

    Account Name:        HIGHCLARE SCHOOL

    Account Number:     61547194

    Sort Code:                 40-45-19

    Please ensure you quote your pupil payee reference, which can be found on your fee invoice, on all payments.

  2. School Fee Plan

    10 monthly instalments.  This facility is offered by a third party, Premium Credit.

    Access the School Fee Plan page here

    All school ‘extras’ can be included within these 10 monthly payments thereby eliminating the need for any additional payments at the start of term.

  3. Parent Pay

    Online payment facility which can be used to make full yearly or termly payments on the invoice due date of the first day of term.  Can also be used to pay for all school trips and excursions.

    Please note that this facility cannot be used to make casual or part fee payments.  You will be provided with log-in details for Parent Pay upon admission to the School or you can email the school using the email address: parentpay@highclareschool.co.uk

  4. Credit Card

    Credit card payments are accepted.

  5. Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare (TFC)

These can be used to pay for Pre-Prep fees


Due to Consumer Credit Regulations, the School is not able to accept fee payments via monthly payments directly from fee-payers to the school (excluding Pre-School fees which are paid monthly in advance).

We are not able to process cash or cheques as a means of payment to School.  This applies to school fees and all other extras or incidental payments

We would also like to remind you that in line with our contract and policy on debt, we reserve the right to apply interest at a rate of 3% on any outstanding fees.  The charge will be made from the date the payment is due.

Please note that payment of a full academic year’s fees in advance, by any of the above methods, will attract a discount if payment is made before 31st August.  This is currently set at 2% but the School reserves the right to amend or remove this facility.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please contact the Finance Office directly on 0121 386 8212.