Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin Tuesday 25 April 2023

Posted: 25th April 2023

Good morning, Prep School family,


I hope you all had an excellent weekend and managed to rest, relax and recharge. I had a lovely weekend at a family wedding, catching up with people that I haven’t seen months or even years. There was lots of catching up on everyone’s busy life, showing photographs of loved ones and reminiscing about memories made together in the years gone by. It was the first time in a long time that we had all been together as a whole family. It was such fun having my 93 year uncle there and also the baby of the family at 8 months old. I had many highlights of the day – my dad (dad) dancing, watching Becky smile as she walked down the aisle and the way her husband to be looked at her. I loved taking hundreds of photographs to send to our family in Canada and meeting new people as we sit down to eat together. It was such a happy and celebratory day.


On the drive home, yes I was driving, even after our very special visitors last week (I am polishing my halo as we speak!), whilst everyone else were fast asleep, it made me think about time and how quickly it goes. Time is such a precious commodity. In recent years, and with personal events that have occurred in the past few weeks, I have realised the value of time. Maybe this is because we become keenly aware as each day passes that is one day less we have to live. Our time right now is, and always has, held the very same value – a minute has always been worth a minute, and an hour has always been worth an hour etc.– but often we don’t see that because we tend to look at time as this vast future spanning in front of us and something that we take for granted. I can remember how long the weekends used to be when I was at school, holidays seemed to go on forever and I used to be able to fit so much into a day. These days, times flies. I cannot believe we are already in the summer term with less than 10 weeks left before we break up for the summer. It only seems like yesterday that we were welcoming everyone back to school in September.


I could give a million examples and we could all think of a million more because we have all been guilty of devaluing the time we are in now by telling ourselves we will have more time later… DON’T DO IT! It’s a trap….and one that takes a lot of effort not to get caught in.

Time is precious and it’s the one things that none of us actually know if we are going to get more of. There are no guarantees in life and we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Value your time right now because it’s the only time you are guaranteed to have left.


Apologies, this Bulletin sounds extremely morbid – it isn’t meant to be that way! What I am really trying to say is enjoy each and every moment – spent time with loved ones, go to events that you might not want to, read that extra bedtime story, give that extra kiss and cuddle to a loved one, eat that chocolate bar, go for that walk, book that treat and enjoy life! As my 76 year old party animal of a dad always says, “Life is for living, enjoy it whilst you can – the armchair will get you soon enough!”


Quote of the week: “You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way.” Lady Gaga.


Well-being tasks for this week: Active April


Let’s find ways to get moving and stay active and healthy


Tuesday 25 April – Have a ‘no screens’ evening this evening and recharge yourself


Wednesday 26 April – Take an extra break today and enjoy being outside for 15 minutes


Thursday 27 April – Find a fun activity to do today when you are waiting for something to happen


Friday 28 April – Walk with a friend and talk


Saturday 29 April – Promote a cause that you really believe in


Sunday 30 April – Stretch today


Monday 1 May – Be active outside – do some gardening


Jokes of the week:


Why did the police play baseball?
He wanted to get a catch!


What did the microwave say to the other microwave?
Is it just me? Or is it really hot in here?


Why did the student eat his homework?
Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake!


Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Interrupting pirate.
Interrupting pir—yarrrrrr!


Two pickles fell out of a jar onto the floor. What did one say to the other?
Dill with it.


Sleeps til Santa: 243 sleeps til Santa


5 things that I am grateful for or looking forward to this week:

Can you try this simple exercise in gratitude and positivity?

  1. I am looking forward to seeing old school friends on Saturday night
  2. I am looking forward to babysitting Arthur and Amelie tomorrow
  3. I am looking forward to a cup of tea and reading my book
  4. I am grateful for umbrellas
  5. I am grateful for the kindness of the children in school

Have a fun and enjoyable week and go outside and get active as much as you can in-between these April showers! Hopefully once we are in May they will stop. . .


Take care and look after each other,


Mrs Bennett

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