Diana Award – Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training

Posted: 14th December 2022

The Diana Award Charity is a legacy to Diana and her belief that young people have the power to change the world. The Anti-Bullying programme is one of 4 programmes that the Diana Award runs and is about engaging young people to change the attitudes, behaviours and culture of bullying by building skills and confidence to address different situation, both on and offline.

On Tuesday 6th December, 8 students from Highclare school (Alex, Oliver, Lilah, Scarlett, Isla, Arjaan, Nikolas, Sofia), Mrs Campbell and Mrs Bate were privileged enough to be invited to attend the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training with 6 other schools in the region.

The programme consisted of reflecting on why we wanted to become Ant-Bullying Ambassadors and how we could work on our confidence with public speaking to help us deliver a campaign when back in school. It focused on understanding the different types of bullying behaviour, the signs and symptoms of bullying behaviour, what to do if someone tells us that they are being bullied and where to find support. The day ended with a discussion about how we could run a successful anti-bullying campaign at our school. We have lots of exciting ideas and are looking forward to launching our campaign in the New Year.

In the meantime, if you are have any concerns about bullying behaviour do please come and talk to us.

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