Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin, Tuesday 13 September 2022

Posted: 13th September 2022

Good morning, Prep School family, 


Welcome to the first Bennett Bulletin of this school year! The Bulletin is back by very popular demand and I am so pleased that so many of you have enjoyed reading it over the past two and a half years and have found it an interesting way to start or end your day. I also love it when you stop and talk to me about things that I have mentioned or when the children come and ask me questions about the topics discussed. During term time, I will continue to send the Bulletin out weekly, on a Tuesday. For all of our new parents, The Bulletin isn’t intended to be a list of reminders or things to do – that’s the job of the school newsletter. It’s simply a way of me communicating my thoughts and feelings to our Highclare Prep School families and share things about our week at school that will hopefully make you reflect, smile and spread a little happiness! 


The Bulletin this week is going to be slightly more subdued than normal, in line with our period of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth. Don’t worry though, all the usual features will return next week along with everyone’s favourite Christmas Countdown!


At the moment I feel that we are all going through a flux of change and a whole host of emotions. We are currently dealing with a new academic year, a new school term, new teachers, for some of us – new schools. We have a new education secretary, a new Prime Minister and as a nation, we are mourning the death of The Queen. We are currently living through a major part of history. The events that we are experiencing since The Queen died are once or twice in a lifetime events. These aren’t common occurrences. We are witnessing history being lived and shaped. I find it amazing to think that the traditions that we have seen so far have been happening for hundreds and hundreds of years. Many of us have only known life with The Queen on the throne. I was talking to my dad over the weekend and his first memory is watching The Queen’s coronation. . .


Queen Elizabeth has been an integral part of our country and nation for seven decades. She has lived through wars, Prime Ministers and worked with 13 US Presidents. She has seen changes that have revolutionised the world and events that have change the course of history. She has been a role model for so many people, especially women and she has also been a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I hugely admire her Christian faith and her dignity. She has been steadfast in times of darkness and she has been a beacon of light for so many people. She was a remarkable lady and, I believe, she truly deserves all of the pomp and ceremony that have been bestowed upon her in death. 


As you read this, I am currently on a train to London. I have a meeting with The Society of Heads. I am going down extra early though so I can take a walk to Buckingham Palace and pay my respects. I am not sure how I will feel when I get there. I think the emotion will be palpable and the sense of community united in grief will be so strong but I am also hoping that there is a sense of happiness for a life very well-lived, a sense of pride that she was our Queen and a sense of hope for the reign of King Charles III. 


Quote of the week: ““While we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.” – Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. 


Have a lovely week and amidst the sense of loss, sorrow and grieving that we are experiencing at the moment, always remember to look for positivity and hope in each day. You will find it, maybe where you least expect it.


Take care of each other, 


With love


Mrs Bennett


I have attached a poem. I thought it was just so, so lovely. I had to share. 


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