Journey Day, 17 June 2022

Posted: 22nd June 2022

Last week, Friday 17 June we held a day dedicated to ‘Journey’. We asked all of our pupils and staff to spend some time thinking about what the word meant to them and how it might differ for all of us.

Many of our teachers used this opportunity to design specific lessons structured around their own interpretation of the word ‘Journey’. Below are a few different depictions:


U3L have been learning the creaming method of making small cakes and have considered and observed the journey made by the raw ingredients and how the raising agent got into the mixture to make the cakes rise and become a spongy texture. They will be making their own in their next practical lesson.

Medieval Football

In another U3 class we journeyed to the Middle Ages to look at how sport has changed over the ages, we finished with a quick game of medieval football to see how the rules have changed- there was plenty of handball as you can see because medieval football basically had no rules plus we used a balloon rather than a ball so no windows got broken.


British Cuisine

U4T have been discovering the journey taken by different international cuisines to form part of British cuisine in Food and Nutrition.

Language Journey

Pupils in Languages classes explored the delicacies synonymous with their chosen language. Namely cheese and pastries from France!


Supportive Support Staff

Our Finance department even got involved and whipped up a sunny summer frenzy in their office.

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