Mrs Bennetts Bulletin, Tuesday 21 June 2022

Posted: 21st June 2022

Good morning, Prep School family,


I hope you are all well and enjoyed the weekend? I cannot believe how different two days can be. Friday was the hottest day of the year so far, we were all scorching in school and then Saturday was like we had been cast back into the depths of winter!


I had a really lovely weekend – Mr Bennett and I saw Barry Manilow (Google him, children) in concert. We (well me, Mr B not so keen) had a great time dancing and singing along to all of his hits. You cannot beat a bit of Bermuda Triangle, Copacabana, Could It Be Magic or I Write the Songs. It was a super way to end a very busy week. On Saturday, we had a flying visit to Norfolk as we had some things that we needed to do over there. I love a road trip – good music (bet you can guess what we were playing this weekend), coffee and time to chat to Mr Bennett – perfect. We did everything we needed to do at break neck speed and then we headed back home as I had some very important work to do. Mr Bennett wanted to stay longer. He wanted to go to the beach for a walk, head to the pub for lunch and generally relax. I was adamant that we had to go home. Once home, I made a cup of tea, booted up my laptop and sat ready for a few hours of work. However, my computer had different ideas! I couldn’t access any of my documents or get to anything that I needed. I obviously wasn’t going to be doing any important work. I was annoyed, as you can imagine. I had set my mind on a task, I had committed to do it and then, due to circumstances out of my control, I couldn’t. I felt angry that my weekend had been ruined and that I had left something I love to come home to be able to do nothing. At this point, I have to say that my cup of tea was very swiftly replaced by Mr Bennett with a large glass of something pink and adult!


However, on reflection, I just needed to change my mind set. No, things hadn’t gone to plan and I felt cross about that but actually what I needed to think about and focus on were the positives. Once I had come up with a plan for catching up on and prioritising my work first thing on Monday morning, once I had realised that worse things happen – no one that I love was hurt or upset, once I realised that I couldn’t change the situation, my mind set swapped. Actually, I was thankful that my computer didn’t work – I could have a night off work without feeling guilty about it! Mr Bennett and I cooked dinner and watched a film together – this very rarely happens in term time. I had a long chat with my dad. I caught up with a friend and I also managed to go to bed early and read some of my book – again, a luxury in term time.


Life is all about perspective. It is all about how you view it and how you decide to deal with your viewpoint. I’ll leave you with a quote a very wise nun called Carmel once shared with me:


“It’s not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.”


Quote of the week: “If you don’t like the road you are walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton


Well-being tasks for this week: These tasks for are for a Joyful June;


Tuesday 21 June – Send a positive vibe to a friend who needs encouragement.

Wednesday 22 June – Watch something funny and enjoy laughing.

Thursday 23 June – Sing, sing, sing – its uplifting!

Friday 24 June – Think of a memory that you are grateful for. Share it with someone special.

Saturday 25 June – Say thank you to someone who isn’t expecting it.

Sunday 26 June – Do something playful and fun. . . just because you can!

Monday 27 June – Be kind to you.


Jokes of the week: 


Q: What object is king of the classroom?
A: The ruler!

Q: When do astronauts eat?
A: At launch time!

Q: What did the pencil sharpener say to the pencil?
A: Stop going in circles and get to the point!

Q: How does the barber cut the moon’s hair?
A: E-clipse it!

Q: What do librarians take with them when they go fishing?
A: Bookworms


Sleeps til Santa: 186. . .after today – the longest day of the year – the nights start to draw in and Christmas seems even closer! 🙂


5 things that I am grateful for or looking forward to this week:


Can you try this simple exercise in gratitude and positivity?

  1. I am looking forward to Prize Giving on Thursday evening.
  2. I am looking forward to doing my food shopping.
  3. I am looking forward to Swans (HPP) graduation.
  4. I am grateful for the sunshine but equally as grateful for the rain to cool things down!
  5. I am grateful for the sound of ducks and ducklings waking me up each morning at the moment.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy everything you do, even those things that scare you a little!


Take care,


Mrs Bennett

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