ISA Regional Art Competition

Posted: 30th November 2021

In the recent ISA Regional Art finals Highclare School celebrated success across the Prep and Senior School. Well done to all!

Congratulations to Prep School pupils:

Eesa Ahmed ‘Bumble Bee’ (3D art) 2nd place
Esmie Robinson ‘Thank You NHS’ (Textiles) First place
Jasmine Broomfield ‘Burning Reflection’ (Photography) First place
Trinity–Joy Wallace ‘We All Fit Together’ (Drawing KS1) 2nd place
Alayna Rashid ‘Busy Day at School’ (Drawing KS2) 2nd place
Idris Baker ‘It’s Good to be Me’ (Drawing KS1) Highly Commended

and Senior School Pupils:

Lizzie W ‘Winter Berries’ KS3/4 Photography First place
Natalia M KS3 3D Art Highly Commended
Sashanna G KS4 Drawing Highly Commended