Mrs de Visser Takes On 100km in 30hrs for Charity

Posted: 23rd September 2021

Our Singing Teacher, Mrs de Visser and 3 friends are walking 100k (62 miles) NON-STOP in under 30 hours across The South Downs way this Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th September. Team BRamblers are fundraising to help support the amazing emergency aid and poverty-beating work Oxfam do, as well as supporting the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

The Gurkhas are soldiers from Nepal who are recruited into the British Army and have been for over 200 years. They are renowned for their loyalty, professionalism and bravery. Oxfam ensures that Gurkha veterans, their widows and their wider communities are able to live with dignity in their home-country of Nepal.

Supporting Impoverished Gurkhas
Oxfam deliver a package of care to Gurkha veterans and widows to ensure they can live with dignity. Their Pensioner Support Teams journey into the hills of Nepal on motorbikes, in 4×4 vehicles and on-foot to pay them a pension, check their health and deliver medication in their own homes. Oxfam are also there in times of need, be it floods, fire damage or earthquakes, providing extra support to help these brave men and women get back on their feet.

This is likely going to be the most difficult challenge Mrs de Visser has ever taken part in, both physically and mentally! Both Mrs de Visser and and her team have been busy training across the Malvern hills and they hope to do all of their sponsors proud by completing the entire South Downs way in under the required 30 hours!

If you would like to donate to support Mrs de Visser on her epic journey please do so here…

Thank you for your support.


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