Elevate Free Parent Webinars (L5 & L6)

Posted: 23rd September 2021

It was fantastic to see our L5 and L6 pupils so engaged with the recent Elevate study skills workshop. Students found this extremely valuable as they embark upon their new courses. Thank you to Elevate for running this excellent session.

Complementary to this session there are a number of parent webinars available

Please register direct trough the Elevate website here

Elevate is an award-winning organisation that has been working with your child’s school to help them become more effective learners. We realise that these are challenging times. Your child’s ability to self-motivate, manage their time and prepare effectively will be a crucial factor to guarantee their success over this academic year.

Join us for our exclusive webinar series where we will show you – as parents – how to best support your child through school.