Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin Returns!

Posted: 15th September 2021

Good morning, Prep School family,

Welcome to the first Bennett Bulletin of this school year! The Bulletin is back by very popular demand and I am so pleased that so many of you have enjoyed reading it over the past 18 months and have found it an interesting way to start or end your day. I also love it when you stop and talk to me about things that I have mentioned or when the children come and ask me questions about the topics discussed. It really is a super part of my job.

As per last year, I have changed the format slightly to stop you getting bored of the same information but several key areas have stayed. I have attempted some ‘market research’ and the well-being tips, jokes, quotes and of course, the most popular Sleeps til Santa part will stay! If you have anything that you would like me to add each week, please do let me know – I’m here to please my audience!

During term time, I will continue to send the Bulletin out weekly, on a Tuesday. For all of our new parents, The Bulletin isn’t intended to be a list of reminders or things to do – that’s the job of the newsletter. It’s simply a way of me communicating my thoughts and feelings to our Highclare Prep School families and share things about our week at school that will hopefully make you reflect, smile and spread a little happiness!

Sitting down and writing the last Bulletin of last academic year seems like a life time ago. Having said that, the summer holidays have flown by. I had a wonderful time in both Majorca and Norfolk. Majorca was not the easiest of holidays to organise due to all of the government rules and regulations and we only decided last minute to go but I am so pleased that we did. It was just so amazing to be sat by a pool, with a book, an adult beverage and with the hot sun beaming down on my face. It was a few days of total relaxation. Norfolk was equally as fantastic but not as warm or relaxing! With a minimum of 4 children at any one time staying with us – my days of long lay-ins, a quiet morning coffee and reading my book were long gone. They were replaced with very early morning cuddles, endless sandcastle building, playing dinosaurs and multiple ice-creams. However, I wouldn’t have changed this for the world. This week is the most precious one in my year – special, quality time with my nearest and dearest. I hope you all managed to have a break of some sort and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

The past week and being back at school has been brilliant! I have loved seeing so many smiling faces! I have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming all our new children and parents into our Highclare family and catching up with you all about all of your adventures throughout the summer. I have been mightily impressed with our new children, especially those in Pre-Prep, Reception and Key Stage One. We have had very few tears and the children are already exhibiting their new found independence. Parents – I am also very proud of you too – again we have had very few tears, I did have the tissue boxes ready in preparation! I do love the first day back and all mix of reactions we get at drop off time from the endless hugs and kisses, to smiles and happy waves, to the children that stroll in and don’t even look back to give their waiting parents a wave and my favourite has to be the parents that have had 8 weeks of time with their children and who are very ready to hand them back to us. . . I do giggle when the children are one foot through the gate and the parents are already in their cars heading for a well-deserved coffee!

Parents, thank you so much for your support with all of the ongoing Covid measures that we have in place. I also need to extend my thanks to the wonderful staff we have within the Prep School. It is them who have made your children so happy in school last week and will continue to do so as the year unfolds.   As I have said before, and will continue to say, I am very lucky and so proud to be part of such an amazing team!

I am thoroughly looking forward to the rest of this week and the continued buzz and excitement of school life – it is what get me up in the morning and what makes every day so enjoyable!

Quote of the week: “Its not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.”

Well-being tasks for this week: These are all based on self-care. These are good for all ages.


Wednesday 15th September:

Find a calm and caring phrase to use today. Use it when you feel low.

Thursday 16th September:

Leave a positive message to yourself to see on a regular basis.

Friday 17th September:

Don’t compare how you feel on the inside to how others appear to feel on the outside.

Saturday 18th  September:

No plans day! Slow down and be kind to yourself.

Sunday 19th September:

Remind yourself that you are so loved.

Monday 20th September:

Look at photos from a time with happy memories. Share these with someone special.

Joke of the week: 

My wife has just asked me if I’ve seen the dog bowl. I said to be honest, I didn’t even know he played cricket!

Sleeps til Santa: 100 days left! Who has started their Christmas shopping?!

Have a super week,

Mrs Bennett

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