Senior School Virtual Open Evening

Posted: 16th September 2020

Choosing the right senior school for your child is a decision that takes time and it is more important than ever to get that decision right.

Our virtual Open Evening aims to give you an introduction to Highclare Senior School. On Tuesday 22 September, 6pm to 7pm,  virtual ‘visitors’ will take part in a live webinar with Dr R Luker, Headmaster and Highclare Senior School Head, Mrs Moore, as well as having the opportunity to meet current students, hear about our remote learning success and pose live questions with key staff from a variety of departments.

During a typical Highclare open event our student led tours and informative teachers all provide an insight into life at Highclare School. An opportunity to get a sense of the teachers who will educate and guide your child and to picture your child amongst their new peer group while meeting current students. Whilst that is not quite possible at the moment, the Highclare community still very much want to meet you and, complementary to our virtual activities, Highclare School feels confident to offer an opportunity for families to see our School in action through bespoke, personal tours.

Senior School personal tour opportunities will be available by appointment from Wednesday 23 September through to Friday 9 October.

Please register your interest to our Virtual Open Evening via the contact form here or by contacting our admissions department on / 0121 386 8218 and an invite will be emailed to you prior to the event.

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Highclare School is proud to announce its newest Sixth Form Scholarship

Our Sixth Form Pre-Med Scholarship is now live for applicants to Highclare Sixth Form from September 2024 onwards.

The scholarship provides a bespoke programme for students aiming to enter university in September 2026 with a research-science based degree.

For more information email