Dear Mrs Moore, Best Wishes Sophia

Posted: 3rd June 2020

Dear Mrs Moore

I hope you, Mr Moore, and the rest of your family are staying healthy and safe.

I thought I’d write to you to say hello and thank you for all your memo’s which I have read through when I’ve had some spare time. There is a lot I’ve learned about history, from you. I know now where the name ‘marmalade’ may have come from! I especially enjoyed your story of the red thousand poems book which your grandma read to you when you were young. It made me feel sad reading the story about how you lost it until you explained how you found it again in the charity shop. I’m so glad your story had a happy ending.

During this lockdown I have been spending some quality time with my family; mom, dad and brother. I’m not seeing my grandparents much but get a chance to say hi to them over social media and sometimes we take a walk to their house, as they live nearby, and sit on their front garden wall to chat to them but we’re keep our distance which has been hard. I feel we are doing the right thing by staying safe at home, although I hope this situation comes to an end soon as I really miss my friends and extended family. I’m missing school and seeing my friends and also the teachers because of all the nice things we get to learn and do at school. I think its sad with what’s going on with Covid-19 and with people getting poorly. Luckily there are so many good people helping right now – we go out every Thursday at 8 pm to support them.

In next week’s holiday, one of the things I’m planning is a Netflix party with my friends, after seeing the tips in one of your emails. Also my mom is taking me for a social distancing walk with one of my friends from school. We might even see you in Sutton park! If not, I definitely want to look out for the animals out there.

I have sent you some photos below of some of the things that have been keeping me busy over the last few weeks at home:

As well as house chores, I’ve been trying out some cooking with both mom and dad in the kitchen, like with making pakoras and paneer curry. Here’s me making homemade pizza but I love baking cakes the most:

We’ve been doing lots of walks. Here’s my brother and I at our local woods in Handsworth Wood:

On April 13th we celebrated my 13th Virtual Birthday Party with my friends and family (including both my grandma’s and my grandpa) on zoom…

This weekend gone we did a virtual celebration for my brothers 11th Birthday with his friend and our family:

I helped my mom bake this egg-less chocolate cake which I then decorated for my brother’s birthday. It was the best chocolate sponge I’ve ever tasted:

This is me doing outdoor sports in our garden and having a picnic with my family:

More practise on my Art: here’s some of drawings I did for my Project for English and 3D logo design for DT, in this term:

I think you will like this drawing of a London Bus (which I did for my German lesson) with window flaps that open to some of the rules for Highclare school written in German:


I continue to practise for my music lessons with a bit of nudging from my mom lol. Oh and how are you getting along with learning playing the Tin Whistle?:

Mainly, though I’m keeping busy with all of the schoolwork on VLE, which I think I’m coping fine for now. It’s nice seeing my class on the zoom calls.

I hope you found this email interesting reading and that you can see all the pictures. Please pass on my hello and thanks to all the teachers for their hard work too. I’m looking forward to your assembly tomorrow.

Wishing you a Happy Whitsun holiday and hope we get to enjoy lots of sunshine.

PS My mom also likes reading your memo’s. She thinks you could write a really good book too!

Best wishes
Sophia x

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