Mrs Moore’s Memo, Welcome Back to School, Monday 20 April 2020

Posted: 20th April 2020

Dear Children and Young People,

Welcome back to School!!

First of all, I hope you had a good Easter break – although I am aware that it has been really difficult for many of you.  Remember that I’m here if you need to talk either via email or phone and that my virtual door is always open (I thought I’d send a picture of my office to remind you what it looks like!)

I had a very peaceful and extremely quiet Easter compared to ‘normal’ years – No big family turkey dinner to cook and no little grandson to have an egg hunt with for example. However, it has been lovely keeping in touch via WhatsApp and phone – although really not the same as being able to get together properly.  I know you are all missing your wider families and friends too, but I hope, like me, you are keeping in virtual touch with them all and staying positive and happy.

I hope the Easter bunny arrived heavily laden with eggs and chocolate for you all – I’m happy to report that I got my Easter egg and really enjoyed it very much!  However, I am becoming far too fond of Maltesers so will have to try to keep up my 10,000 steps a day (at least).

Talking about steps, we are still enjoying our long walks in Sutton Park.  We tend to go around 6pm as this is when the birds start coming back to roost and the ponies gather together for their evening chat!  We also love trying to spot the herons at Little Bracebridge and watch them fly – they look really scary in flight, just like huge pterodactyls from prehistoric times.

Have you been developing new skills during lockdown?  I know that some of you have been cooking delicious meals and baking amazing cakes and biscuits – and  I know of one little boy who has discovered he has green fingers and has taken up gardening – the photos you’ve sent in are wonderful btw.  I’d love to hear from you about any new hobbies and skills that you’ve taken up so please get in touch (you know how nosey I am).  I’m proud to say that I’ve been learning to play the tin whistle – which I’m enjoying immensely, but Mr Moore most certainly is not!  Poor Mr Moore has had to put up with me squawking my way through various Irish tunes, but I’m pleased to say that I am improving day by day (at least I think I am) – perhaps I can play something during assembly when things get back to normal – what do you think?  It might give you all a good laugh.   My love of practising the tin whistle reminds me of a poem I had to learn for Speech and Drama when I was a little girl (back in the Victorian era!) called, Piano Practice – see below (I haven’t forgotten it!):

A doting father once there was

Who loved his daughter Gerda,

Until she got the piano craze, –

Then how the passion stirred her!

Her fingers were wild elephant’s feet,

And as month after month he heard ‘her

He tried every way

To stop her play

From bribery to murder.

One day when she was practicing,

He popped up behind and caught her

And dumped her in his wheelbarrow

And carried her off to slaughter.

Tipping her into a well, he cried,

“Hurrah! I’ve drowned my daughter!”

But a voice from the well

Rang out like a bell,

“Aha- there isn’t any water!”

I hope my playing doesn’t have the same effect on Mr Moore!

It looks as though things won’t be getting back to normal any time soon, but I hope you are all looking forward (as I am) to returning to ‘proper’ school?  I so miss that lovely building and the sound of a school full of children (a sound all teachers love).  In fact,  you will be pleased to hear that I popped down to Northway recently because Mrs Dudley and Mrs Jarvis wanted to collect some PPE  from the Science Dept to donate to the NHS  –  Mrs Jarvis later kindly delivered some goggles, masks and gloves to Heartlands Hospital’s maternity unit – they were all very appreciative.

When I was at School, I took the opportunity of wandering through our beautiful gardens to hear the birds sing and take in its beauty.   I must say, the garden looks magnificent – although the table tennis tables and the astro-turf are looking a bit sad, neglected and lonely without you all being there to play on them.  I promise that I will make sure that we have lots of footballs and table tennis equipment ready for when you all return to school.

Don’t forget that I asked you for suggestions for a special first day back lunch in my last letter – I’m still waiting for some ideas – so please get in touch!

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all looking forward to Monday and getting back to your studies, so look after yourselves, be kind to each other (help with those chores) and stay happy.  I miss you all terribly and really can’t wait for the day when I’ll be at the pupil entrance welcoming you all back to the Abbey.

Remember the below when you start your studies again and always remember to give of your best and work hard!


Finally, a little poem from me to remind you to be kind to yourselves and to always remember how special and unique you all are:

Love and best wishes to you all!

Mrs M


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