Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin Easter Edition

Posted: 8th April 2020

Good Afternoon, Prep School!
I thought I would just write and check in with you and make sure that you are all ok. Can you believe that we have had a week of our Easter holiday already? I hope you have all been having lots of fun and been able to be safely outside in this glorious sunshine. I hope the weather continues like this over the weekend and into next week – everything looks so much better when the sun is shining!
I have had a lovely week. I have been into school to help look after the children of key workers – we had a great time! We did some yoga, created some artwork (which is hanging in the first floor windows of Highclare Prep School: St Paul’s if you are walking past whilst getting your daily exercise (a lot of credit for this must go to Mrs Darke, Mrs Ford and Miss Baden), played outside and relaxed in the sunshine. Other than that, I have been busy looking into your lessons for next term, cooking, baking, reading books that I have been saving for a while and catching up on some films that have been recorded for an age and we never seem to find the time to watch!
My favourite part of the last week though was an hours worth of FaceTime with just me and my nephew Arthur (aged 4). We hung out in his garden, played cars on the grass, we went up and down the slide a million times, we rode on his scooter, hide behind the shed, lay on the grass and watched the birds and spotted shapes in the clouds. He read one of his school books to me and then we had a long discussion on why the Easter bunny delivers Easter eggs and Father Christmas delivers presents – Arthur wanted to know if they could swap jobs and what would happen if they did! What would the Easter bunny look like on a sleigh? Would Father Christmas be hot in his suit at Easter time? Would Father Christmas have to wear bunny ears to deliver eggs? The questions were endless but so enjoyable!
I also did a photograph quiz with the girls I used to go to school with. We had to remember where we were, what was the occasion and guess the year the photograph was taken. It provided so many laughs at the clothes we used to wear (yes orange and lime green satin blouses were fashionable in the 1990’s – ask your parents!), our hair styles and the silly things we used to do! I love the wonders of modern technology and I am so grateful that I can have these special times with the ones we love so much at this time of social distancing. All the adverts that we see all around us are correct – we are in this together.
On other very happy and exciting news – both Mrs Ford and Miss Broder have recently got engaged! Huge congratulations to them both and to their new fiancés! Miss Broder is hoping to get married in October half term and Mrs Ford is yet to set a date. I have attached some photos of the happy couples to this email! Love is in the air!
I am missing sharing my days of the year with you daily so here are the next few days for you to entertain yourselves with!
Wednesday 8th April – Zoo Lovers Day, Day of Pink, Draw a Picture of a Bird Day.
Thursday 9th April – Unicorn Day, Name Yourself Day, Cherish an Antique Day, Winston Churchill Day.
Friday 10th April – Golfer’s Day, Mrs Bennett Turns 24 (again) Day, International Safety Pin Day, Sibling Day.
Saturday 11th April – Pet Day, Cheese Fondue Day, Submarine Day, Barbershop Quartet Day.
Just a polite reminder to anyone that wants to take part in the Great Junk Egg Challenge – all entries to be sent to Mrs Griffiths please by 4pm tomorrow afternoon. We can then judge and announce the winners! Good luck!
I am going to sign off now and leave you all to enjoy the Easter sunshine. Remember to be kind and look after each other,
Until next time, stay safe,
Love Mrs Bennett

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