Pre-Prep Graduation Highclare Preparatory School: Woodfield

Posted: 10th July 2019

Swans at Highclare Preparatory School: Woodfield recently enjoyed celebrating their graduation with their families and, to quote one of their Graduation songs,

‘With the sun on my face, this is the time I’ve been waiting for. Jump out of bed, this is the time, to shine’. It certainly was. To a packed audience the pupils sang and performed a variety of songs and dances. Pupils shared their ambitions: fire fighters, policemen, vets and even dinosaurs and mermaids! With a little imagination we can all be what we want to be.

Wearing caps and gowns, individuals had a photo opportunity as they received their scroll from Dr Luker, our guest of honour. Mrs Bayliss and all the teachers were proud of their pupils’ achievements this academic year and wished them a smooth journey into their reception year.