U3 Joint Religious Studies and Geography Fieldtrip to Lichfield

Posted: 27th June 2019

On Wednesday Thursday 19 June 2019 the Geography and Religious Studies Department at Highclare Senior School jointly organised a very successful trip to Lichfield.  The students spent time learning key Geographical fieldwork skills based around Lichfield centre including surveying land use types, comparing the quality of different environments around Lichfield and carrying out surveys to find out why people visit Lichfield.

As part of the Religious Studies curriculum of Christianity, we visited Lichfield Cathedral and had a guided tour explaining about the fascinating history of the Cathedral and how the Cathedral is used today.  The students also had some experiential experiences as part of the tour with the opportunity to light a candle, have their feet washed including a discussion on why for Jesus in the Last Supper this was so important and learn about why asking for forgiveness is so important to Christians.

The general public of Lichfield were very friendly and complimented the pupils for their smart appearance and good manners!

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