J5 Science Day: Escape From Highclare Senior School

Posted: 16th January 2019

Highclare Senior School recently welcomed J5 pupils from Highclare Preparatory School to the science department to delve into senior school life and further ignite the pupils interest in science!

In small groups pupils moved between science labs to take part in exciting investigations whilst learning essential skills used in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Pupils could be heard saying how they couldn’t wait to study physics at Highclare Senior School and how they thought chemistry would be their favourite subject!   At the end of the day students were ‘locked’ in the chemistry lab where they needed to use their newly acquired science skills to solve the clues and escape from the Abbey.

Pupils had a fantastic time using microscopes to classify slides in biology, identifying substances on the pH scale and how to neutralise a substance in chemistry and calculating the density of 3 irregular shaped objects to establish what material they are made from in physics.  During the practicals pupils listened carefully, enthusiastically took part, encouraged each other through the more advanced work and celebrated correct answers, a fantastic experience!

Following lunch in the senior school refectory all pupils returned to the chemistry lab for the final challenge!

A pre-recorded video announced to the pupils that they were now locked in the chemistry lab and all of the equipment needed to crack the code could be found on each table!  Eager to crack the first part of the riddle using their biology skills pupils quickly got into their teams and found the initial biology task.

After identifying a correct slide using microscopes, retrieving a brass key by identifying lemon juice and neutralising it with alkali and finally working out the density of that key pupils could crack the final code breaker challenge (the number of letters in the name of the material the key was made of followed by its density) and escape the abbey!

Thank you so much to the science department for organising such a wonderful active learning day, the pupils happily took on new skills under your careful supervision and returned to school full of enthusiasm for both science and senior school!


Boo! Hello – now look who we’ve got!
The whole of J5, now that’s a lot.
Now what’s going on I hear you all shout
Well I guess I should tell you what this is about.
I’m absolutely fed up of it all
Driving you round at your beck and call
I’ve had enough, I just want a break
So I’ve locked you in here and gone for a cake.
Some say you’re clever, well I say ‘we’ll see’
You’ll have to be smart to escape the Abbey
Your first clue is there, that’s it, on the floor
I threw it in as I locked the door.
Apparently you have enjoyed science all day
Well that should help you along the way
First up, you’ll need to identify me
I hope you’re all good at Biology.

You cracked it! Well done! But you’re not yet there
I’ve definitely got time for another éclair!
In the room you’ll find a tray full of kit
It’s time for Chemistry in the next bit
There are three containers with photos stuck on
Find my photo – can you work out which one?
Beware of the contents, but hurry along
It may just burn you if you get it wrong
Grab some gloves and get stuck in
You’ll need to get the object if you’re going to win!

You did it?! Ok – you’re better than I thought
You have some skills that can’t be bought
Maybe you lot aren’t all that bad,
You have a chance of getting home to Mum and Dad.
But, I’m tired, and my patience is starting to fade.
You retrieved an object, but of what, is it made?
The clock is ticking so here’s the last clue
Once you know which metal, here’s what to do.






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