Language Stones Make Sutton Coldfield Smile

Posted: 9th November 2018

The Modern Foreign Language team at Highclare Junior School have had a fantastically busy start to the term following the celebration of the European Day of Languages back in September.

Launched within School and hoping to bring a smile to our community, pupils at Highclare Junior School have been painting and hiding  ‘Language stones’ within Sutton Park.  As pupils across all ages have been learning new vocabulary and songs in multiple languages, they have been painting flags and the new words they have been learning onto stones ready to hide.

“As a School we are fortunate to be able to offer creative learning opportunities with specialist teachers across all key-stages, we believe that learning a language must be a tangible experience not only as an opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages but as an essential learning opportunity to prepare pupils for adulthood in an increasingly globalised world.  Over the upcoming year the Modern Foreign Language department at Highclare Junior School is looking forward to visits from both a Flamenco dancer and guitarist and a French story teller, as well as creating an international conversation within the community through our Language stones.

We cannot wait to see photos when you find our Language stones, don’t forget to hashtag #LanguageStones !”



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