McVitie’s watch out!

Posted: 10th May 2018

Baking is the perfect opportunity to combine a love of learning with a love of sweet treats! Following a method, measuring ingredients, using the correct equipment, describing the baking technique and observing the process closely are all conducive towards a fun learning experience.

The pupils of J4R have been designing, making and tasting biscuits in DT this term. The first part of the project was to make a plain biscuit and then taste it, alongside other kinds of biscuits, including a chocolate digestive and a shortbread.

The children’s next task was to decide how they could make their plain biscuit more interesting and tasty. They then designed their own biscuit adding extra ingredients, using a different shape and decorating to make it special. Finally, the children baked their unique biscuits using the extra ingredients they had chosen.

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