Putting Maths Skills to the Test at Highclare School

Junior School have been putting their math skills to the test through a number of challenges already this term!

Junior Life Skills day was tremendously successful, enjoyed by Highclare pupils across all year groups.  This year the itinerary integrated many essential life skills, including finance through guest speakers & classroom activities, it proved a successful and enjoyable day.

Congratulations to the J4 pupils who recently reached the final of the KES Borcherd Shield Maths competition.  As well as taking part in a maths quiz that included a tough maths relay, they also got to put their mathematical strategies to the test followed by Dr Steckles demonstrating how he made amazing shapes with smoke.

Finally we would like to wish the qualifying J5 & J6 pupils good luck with the upcoming finals of the Primary Maths challenge competition.  At the end of last year pupils completed a challenge covering all areas of maths including percentages, fractions and ratio, all of which provided some real head scratching questions. 

We are always delighted to celebrate our pupils’ academic successes and look forward to reporting on many more throughout the school year.