IT Schools Africa Update

Last term, our IT technician suggested that we might send our older computers and screens to a charity called “IT Schools Africa”, to help children in Africa who are learning IT skills.
Some Sixth Formers and Year 7 pupils helped to load the lorry when they arrived to collect the equipment which will be cleaned and refurbished before being shipped out to Africa to help less fortunate children.                                                                                               Update                                                                                                                                       IT Schools Africa has informed us that the computer equipment we donated helped to fill a container of 510 computers destined for schools in Malawi. The shipment left on 13th December and is currently on the high seas.  It is expected to arrive in Blantyre in February.   

Ron Pearce, Donation Coordinator at IT Schools Africa said: "This is another step closer to reducing the digital divide between developed and developing nations and improving the prospects of children in Africa by equipping them with IT skills."