Kindergarten Study Autumn

Kindergarten have been studying Autumn. We have been mixing colours, looking at autumn books, collaging with lentils and went on an autumn walk.  The children have been trying on Wellingtons all week to practise for our autumn walk.  On Wednesday the children put on their Wellingtons in the morning and collected a basket to put their autumn items in.  First we visited Reception as we knew they had a wonderful autumn display.  We looked and all their items through magnify glasses to give us an idea of what to find.  We then walked all around school and in the Millennium garden looking on the ground for signs of autumn.  We found brown crispy leaves, smooth conkers, tiny acorn cups and lots of bugs and creatures.  We then took all our findings back to the classroom to make pictures and then looked at the photographs on the interactive whiteboard.  What a busy week.