Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin Tuesday 14 February 2023

Posted: 14th February 2023

Good morning, Prep School family,


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


All you need to know today is that you are loved. Even if your doorstep isn’t overflowing with cards dropped off by the postie or you don’t get a huge bunch of flowers delivered to your workplace, you are still so very special. You, and you alone, have made someone smile and someone’s heart flutter today just because you are you.


Love isn’t always romantic and full of grand gestures. Love can be calm, simple and sometimes boring. Love happens each and every day without us noticing and for me, this is the best kind of love -the natural and unforced love. The morning cup of tea by your bedside as you wake up, the washing being folded and put away, your hand being held whilst you watch something upsetting or scary on the television, that unexpected text to say someone is thinking of you. . . this to me is true love.


Love can also be painful, love can break hearts and leave people feeling devastated. To lose someone that you love feels like your world is ending and it is so hard to carry on with your daily lives but, for me (and it has taken me many, many years to come to this conclusion), to experience this kind of loss is a testament to how strong your love was/is. I cannot tell you how heartbroken I was when I lost my mum but I can say that I have never felt a love like hers before and I will never do again. Lost love hurts but I also feel privileged to have experienced it as I know that the more the lose hurts, the greater and deeper the love.


So, however you choose to view Valentine’s Day, and whatever your view is on love in general, enjoy today. Think of all of those people whose lives you have changed by simply being you, by allowing them to love you, by loving them and be thankful for all of those people who love you – love is beautiful.


Quote of the week: “All you need is love” – The Beatles


Well-being tasks for this week: These tasks are for a happier start to the year. February’s tasks are based around being friendly. This month, let’s focus on reaching out to connect with others and doing our best to be a good friend. Our acts of kindness and connection ripple out and impact so many more people than we realise – and they also boost our own happy hormones too! In stressful times people around us may be feeling the strain, so let’s try to keep calm, take time to listen and show compassion


Tuesday 14 February – Tell a loved one or a friend why they are special to you


Wednesday 15 February – Support someone who is having a hard time, leave them a positive note


Thursday 16 February – Check in on someone who is struggling and offer to help


Friday 17 February – Appreciate all the good qualities in someone you might, at times, overlook


Saturday 18 February – Respond kindly to everyone you talk to today, including yourself


Sunday 19 February – Share something you find inspiring


Monday 20 February – Make a plan to connect with others and do something fun


Jokes of the week: 


What did one lightbulb say to the other on Valentine’s Day?

I love you watts and watts.


How did the doorbell propose to his sweetheart?

He gave her a ring.


What did the volcano say to his mother?

I lava you.


Why are flowers popular on Valentine’s Day?

Because they’re scent-imental!


What did the kitten say on Valentine’s Day?

You’re purr-fect.


Why did the sheriff lock up her boyfriend?

He stole her heart.


Sleeps til Santa: 313 sleeps til Santa


5 things that I am grateful for or looking forward to this week:

Can you try this simple exercise in gratitude and positivity?

  1. I am looking forward to watching the Junior productions on both Wednesday and Thursday night
  2. I am looking forward to winter beach walks
  3. I am looking forward to half term lie ins, lazy mornings and an afternoon or two of Midsomers
  4. I am grateful for such a great Well-Being Week in school last week
  5. I am grateful for friends and fun times

Have a wonderful rest of the week and have the most fabulous half term. I hope you all mange to have lots of fun, to relax and to recharge those batteries. Take time to look after yourself and all of those around you. Enjoy a break from the school routine and I will see you all very soon,


Stay safe,


lots of love,


Mrs Bennett




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