Pitch Perfect Planets

Posted: 7th February 2023

Last week our resident singing superstar, Cadence, performed at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in yet another musical marvel, here’s what she had to say about it:


This week, I had a great time singing with my choir, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra ~ Youth Chorus, in a concert called ‘The Planets’, written by Gustav Holst and conducted by Kazuki Yamada, at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.


This music was inspired by Holst’s fascination with astrology. His famous composition is an exhilarating musical journey around the solar system, from warlike Mars to mystical Neptune.


I really enjoyed the experience of meeting the conductor, Kazuki, in person.  He was a very fun and bubbly character. Before the second concert, he told us how much he appreciated us being here and was very excited to do the concert again, as the first one went so well and got great feedback from the audience.


I loved singing in ‘The Planets’. It was an incredible experience, so I was happy to see that all the endless rehearsals and extra practice were all worth it.

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