National Poetry Day Competition

Posted: 7th February 2023

Heads of House awarded certificates for the National Poetry Day Competition organised by the English department in October for the nationwide event.  The theme was the environment and all students in KS3 entered.


Winner: Cadence Ball U4S – Lancaster

Second: Alice Diaz-Thomas U4S York

Third: Shaan Jamil U4S Lancaster


Highly Commended

  • Gabrielle Waele                                U4R Tudor
  • Mohammed Frazeer                       U3S Tudor
  • Sofia Urfi                                             U3R Tudor
  • Isla Brazier                                          U3R Tudor
  • Muiz Nabeel                                      U3R Tudor
  • Arjan Klaar                                          U3S Tudor
  • Anika Shah                                          L4R   Lancaster
  • Eva Whatley                                       U4S  Lancaster
  • Ben Thompson                                  U4R  Lancaster
  • Haafizah Ali                                        U4S  Lancaster
  • Eltayeb  Elasha                                 U4S  Lancaster
  • Igor  Tkachenko                               U4R  Lancaster
  • Irene Xu                                              U4S    York
  • Louis Coeulle                                     U4S    York
  • Arjan klaar                                          U3S    York
  • Scarlett Hayes                                   L4R  Lancaster
  • Alfie Edwards                                     U4R  Lancaster
  • Emma Creane                                    U4R  Lancaster
  • Varya Bodhani                                  U4R  Lancaster
  • Isabella  Vlahakis                             U4S   Lancaster
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