Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin, Friday 9th July 2022

Posted: 14th July 2022

Good evening, Prep School family,


Welcome to the last Bulletin of this academic year! Apologies to those of you who were expecting this on Tuesday – that was my intention but this week had other ideas! I am writing this sat in a deserted school. It is so quiet and peaceful – but very empty without the sound of happiness in the corridors. It is also a little surreal, I cannot believe we are at the end of the academic year – where have the past 12 months gone?


It has been an emotional week – this time of year always is. The air is always full of mixed emotions as the time to say goodbye to the familiar and to move onto new classes and, for some of our children, new schools draws ever nearer. Everyone becomes a little unsettled as change approaches – nervous but excited for new adventures ahead. This week has been particularly emotional for many people for many reasons but one of the main ones for me is that we have said farewell and good luck to our Year 6 classes. Each year, this is hard. However, I feel like I have an extra special connection to Year 6P and Year 6W this year.


When I first started at Highclare, Year 6 were starting in our Reception class. Many of us started our Highclare adventures together. I have watched then grow – physically, academically and emotionally each day for the last seven years. We have created so many memories during this time and shared the laughter and the tears. We have all grown as individuals and I am so proud of how Highclare Prep School has helped to shape these amazing young people but I am also extremely blessed as they have all helped shape me personally and as a Head teacher too. Thank you, Year 6 – it has been a journey and I have loved every (well, nearly every!!) second of it!


It seems only right to leave the last words of the academic year to our pupils. Year 6W, as part of their ‘Class of 2022’ assembly, offered some advice (Baz Luhrmann styleeeeee) to next year’s Year 6 class. However, it really struck a chord with me. Their words are simple but so wise. They are applicable to us all whether we are 3, 13, 45 or 99! I have not edited these words at all, expect for replacing the references to the class of 2023 with the words Highclare Prep School family!


Year 6W’s advice to the Highclare Prep School family:


Be honest

If you are honest, people will trust you and people will treat you honestly in return.


Be respectful

Be respectful to the adults in school, they will respect you back and make your time in school easier.


Do not delay

Do not put off things that you are afraid to do. Delaying it will only make it worse.


Try not to worry

Reduce your worries by trying not to worry about things you cannot control.


Be a role model

Set the best example you possibly can at all times.


Be strong

There are always people around to support you if you need it.


Be positive

If you always focus on the negatives, you will never notice all the positives around you.


Ask for help

Everyone needs help sometimes.


Move forward

Do not focus on the past, you cannot change that but you can control your future.


Be resilient

Never give up and always try your best and learn from your mistakes.


Be prepared

But also be ready to expect the unexpected!


Be yourself

You do not always have to follow your peers. Be an individual; do not be afraid to be yourself.


Think before you speak

Your words are incredibly powerful and can have a big impact on those around you.


Thank you, Year 6.


Quote of the week: “Every single day is a new chance to try again.”


Jokes of the week:


Who only goes to school during the summer?
Surfers – they go to boarding school!


Why did the echo get detention on the last day of school?
It kept answering back!


What is a teacher’s two favourite words?
July and August!


Who goes to school during the summer?
The ice cream man – he goes to sundae school!


Sleeps til Santa: 169


5 things that I am grateful for or looking forward to this week:

Can you try this simple exercise in gratitude and positivity?

  1. I am looking forward to sleeping past 5am each morning for 8 whole weeks!
  2. I am looking forward to being able to collect Amelie and Arthur from school.
  3. I am looking forward meeting friends for breakfast, lunches and dinners that go past 9pm!
  4. I am grateful for everyone at Highclare Prep School – children, staff and parents.
  5. I am grateful for a whole year in school.

Have a really wonderful summer holidays – have a good rest and enjoy the break from routine and school! Enjoy time with loved ones, make memories and have lots and lots and lots of fun – that is what holiday times are for!


Stay safe over the summer and look after each other. I cannot wait to see you all again in September,


Much love,


Mrs Bennett



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