Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin, Tuesday 15 February 2022

Posted: 17th February 2022

Good morning, Prep School family,


I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a lovely weekend with each other? I had a relaxing weekend. I didn’t feel on full form, so I decided to try and take it easy. I met a friend for a coffee and saw my dad for breakfast. I did the weekly food shopping and cooked a roast dinner for my brother and his family and put petrol in my car! Other than this, I watched some rubbish TV, fell asleep in front of the fire and had lots of early nights. I feel so much better for it this week. Sometimes, things just have to wait. I didn’t get any further with my Christmas thank you cards, I didn’t do the washing or the ironing and I certainly didn’t get my car washed! Self-care is so important but so hard to do. I always feel that I should be doing something, going somewhere or seeing someone – this weekend was a good reminder to me that I don’t have to do any of these things if I don’t want too. It reminded me to focus on the now and to actually just be this weekend. I highly recommend it.


So yesterday was Valentine’s Day – the international day of declaring one’s love for each other! I hope you had a day filled with love. I had two gorgeous homemade cards off my niece and nephew, such special keepsakes. I am very blessed to have such a super family. I never make too much of a fuss about Valentine’s Day at school as I know, for all of its joy and happiness, it can be a really hard day for some. Not everyone is lucky enough to be feeling loved at the moment or have someone to love and some people have recently lost someone that they loved dearly. I know that at times like this, some people just want the day to be over and to hide away from the world. I am extremely sensitive to this, so this Bulletin isn’t going to be filled with declarations of love! However, I also realised that as a teacher, historian and generally well-educated adult, I didn’t know that much about Valentine’s Day and its origins, so I did a bit of research! I am sharing the most interesting facts with you today, enjoy!


Did you know that:

  • Although no one knows for sure the exact origin of Valentine’s Day it is believed that it started in the Roman Empire around 270AD under the rule of the emperor, Claudius II.
  • During the time of war, Claudius did not want men to get married because he believed it made them weak.
  • It is said that Bishop Valentine would perform secret wedding ceremonies so men could marry their sweethearts. Bishop Valentine got in big trouble for performing marriage ceremonies and was sent to jail! Bishop Valentine was put to death for his crime on February 14th.
  • King Henry VII of England declared St Valentine’s Day a holiday in 1537.
  • Cupid is the Roman god of love and affection.  In Latin, Cupid means Amor. Amor in English means love. Cupid is often described as a chunky baby or toddler with blonde hair holding a bow and arrow.
  • During Medieval Times girls would eat unusual foods on Valentine’s Day.  It was believed that it made them have dreams about their future husband.
  • During the Middle Ages, men and women would pick names out of a bowl and the person’s name they drew would be considered their Valentine.  They would wear that person’s name on their sleeve for a week, this is where the saying wears your heart on your sleeve comes from.
  • The oldest known Valentine’s Day card is on display at the British Museum in London, it dates back to the 1400s.
  • Valentine’s Day is not celebrated around the world – it is celebrated in America, Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, France, Australia, and Denmark.
  • The most popular gift for Valentine’s Day is chocolate. On average 44% of the population receives chocolate on Valentine’s Day.  To be specific heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are the most popular.
  • Other popular Valentine’s Day gifts include red roses, cards and jewellery.
  • On average women spend less money than men on Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • It is believed that the tradition of giving red roses for Valentine’s Day has to do with Greek mythology and the Goddess Aphrodite.  Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty.  In Roman, Mythology Venus is the goddess of love.
  • Lace is a fabric that is also associated with Valentine’s Day.  Lace comes from the Latin word “laques” meaning to snare or net, as in to catch a person’s heart.
  • Did you know that teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards out of all professions. . .the postman must be so weighed down with mine that I am still awaiting delivery!

You learn something new each day – everyday is a school day!


Quote of the week: “There is only one happiness in this life. To love and to be loved.” – George Sand


Well-being tasks for this week: These tasks for are for a Friendly February. This month let’s focus on reaching out to connect with others and doing our best to be a good friend. Our acts of kindness and connection ripple out and impact so many more people than we realise – and they also boost our own happy hormones too! In stressful times people around us may be feeling the strain, so let’s try to keep calm, take time to listen and show compassion.


Tuesday 15 February – Tell a loved one why you love them today


Wednesday 16 February – Check in on a friend


Thursday 17 February – Appreciate the good qualities of someone in your life


Friday 18 February – Respond kindly to everyone you meet today


Saturday 19 February – Share something that you find inspiring


Sunday 20 February – Listen and do not judge


Monday 21 February – Give compliments today


Jokes of the week (with a love theme in honour of Valentine’s day): 

What do you call the world’s smallest Valentine’s Day card?
A valen-teeny.


What did the stamp say to the envelope on Valentine’s Day?
I’m stuck on you!


What did one volcano say to the other?
I lava you!


What did the cucumber say to the pickle?
You mean a great dill to me.


How did the phone propose to his girlfriend?
He gave her a ring.


What did the one sheep say to the other?
I love ewe!


Sleeps til Santa: 312


5 things that I am grateful for or looking forward to this week:

Can you try this simple exercise in gratitude and positivity?

  1. I am looking forward to half term holiday lazy mornings!
  2. I am looking forward to the junior productions this week
  3. I am looking forward to seeing some friends on Friday night
  4. I am grateful for my family
  5. I am grateful for the lighter mornings

Have a great week and an even better half term. Rest and relax but have lots of fun as well.


Take care and much love,


Mrs Bennett

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