Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin, Tuesday 22 June 2021

Posted: 22nd June 2021

Good morning, Prep School family,

How are you all doing this week? I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed having fun with your families. I had a lovely weekend. We went to Derbyshire to see some family on Saturday evening and then on Sunday, we took Arthur and Amelie for breakfast. Derbyshire was spectacular – so green and lush and the views from Matlock were stunning. The rain had made the colours of the plants, trees and grass extremely vibrant and they then these contrasted against the alternating blue and dark grey sky. As Matlock is very high up, you can literally see the weather rolling in and out – it is so dramatic.

Yesterday, I was scanning through a magazine and I came across the following article that had been written. There is no name to credit the writing but it really made me think. It did not necessarily make me think about our children missing school as they have been so privileged as their education has continued, but I am thinking of all the children across the world in a less fortunate situation than our own. It also made me think about how I speak about the past year with the younger people in my family.

In Twenty Years’ Time

In twenty years’ time, people will not ask the children of 2020/2021 if they ever caught up with their studies. They will not ask them what grades they made, despite a year off school. They will ask them with wonder:

“What was it like? How did you cope? How did you feel? What do you remember of these days?”

They will listen in awe to the tales of clapping on doorsteps for the medical workers. They will sit open-mouthed to hear of the daily walks being the only life we saw and how much we missed human contact and gatherings. They will be amazed to know about the empty supermarkets, over flowing hospitals, online concerts, birthdays spent on a screen and a life lived inside.

They will listen, then sit back in amazement and say “Wow, you went through so much.”

So think about what we would like the children of 2020/2021 to take away from this year.

They are not behind, they are not missing out, they are extremely special and have forever been made stronger by this special time. Tell them that ‘catching up’ is not even a thing that they need to worry about as they have grown in so many other ways.

Remind them too of all the fun. The family jigsaws, the Zoom quizzes, the window rainbows. . . The feeling of family, safety and togetherness amidst the chaos of the outside world.

Let them take this with them throughout life. These children are not behind, they are special, they are unique and they have lived an experience that will shape the rest of their lives. . . we have lived it together.

Days of the year themes for the coming week:

Tuesday 22nd June – Onion Ring Day, Chocolate Éclair Day, Be Kinder Day and World Rainforest Day

Wednesday 23rd June – Let it Go Day, Typewriter Day and Women in Engineering Day

Thursday 24th June – Praline Day, Upcycling Day, Fairy Day and Swim a Lap Day

Friday 25th June – Goats Cheese Day, Catfish Day and Colour TV Day

Saturday 26th June – Canoe Day, Cream Tea Day, Chocolate Pudding Day and World Refrigeration Day

Sunday 27th June – Pineapple Day, Log Cabin Day and Sunglasses Day

Monday 28th June – Tapioca Day, Please Take My Children to Work Day and Ceviche Day

Quote of the week: “Never regret a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experiences, worst days give lessons and the best days give memories.”

Riddles of the Week: I thought for a few weeks we would mix it up a bit and replace our jokes and facts of the week with riddles of the week! Get your thinking caps on!

Thank you, Mrs Harding for these!

When I am tall, I am young and when I am short, I am old. What am I?

What is full of holes but still holds water?

What question can you never answer yes to?

Joyful June calendar task (This month’s theme is all about appreciating the little things and finding joy):
Tuesday 22nd June:
Watch something funny and enjoy laughing
Wednesday 23rd June:
Listen to five uplifting songs Thursday 24th June:
Remember something you are grateful for and why
Friday 25th June:
Show your appreciation to people who are helping others Saturday 26th June:
Play – just for the fun of it! Sunday 27th June:
Be kind and do something that brings you joy

Monday 28th June:
Notice how a smile spreads between people

Sleeps til Santa: 185 days

Five things I am looking forward to this week (thanks to Mrs Hinch for the inspiration): Can you try this each day? Remember, it focuses your mind on the positive and reminds us to show gratitude for things, no matter how small!

This week I am looking forward to: Year 6 Enterprise Week, the Year 6 sleep over, walking on the beach, meeting my new neighbours and non-uniform day.

Have a super week,

Take care,

Mrs Bennett

Riddle answers: a candle, a sponge and Are you asleep yet?!