Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin, Friday 26 June 2020

Posted: 26th June 2020

Good morning, Prep School family,

Yey! It’s Friday! We have come to the end of another successful week! Well done, everyone! Not only have you managed to cope with remote learning for another week, you have also done it in 30-degree heat! Celebrations ice-creams all round this weekend I think!

Shameless plug time! Mrs Dudley, Head of Science in the Senior School, has an excellent twitter account (It’s Highclare Sch Science or @Highclare_Sc). Yesterday, they had a delivery of caterpillars arrive at Dudley Towers and Mrs Dudley is going to do a daily update on their progress as they go through metamorphosis. We thought it may be something that the Prep School would love to be involved in. I cannot wait to see their journey in the coming weeks.

As I write tonight (I am writing this on Thursday evening), we should be in the town hall celebrating KS2 Prize Giving! About now, I would be getting nervous and about to go on stage. I would have butterflies in my tummy as I would be nervous about hosting the evening but also excited to see you showcase all of your wonderful talents. It really is one of the best nights in the Prep School calendar and one I am really sad not to be there tonight. . . even in this heat!

So, as we near the end of term, we are usually so busy doing lots of activities to end the year and get us ready for a break and starting school again in September. We didn’t want you to miss out on any of these important milestones. So the next week and a half are crammed full of fun and frivolity (as well as continued distance learning!)!

Next week we have the Pre-Prep graduations, End of Term Merit Assemblies, Transition session with your new class teachers and Prize Giving. In the final week, we have Sports Day, ‘Class of 2020’ assemblies, our ‘Well-Being and Fond Farewell’ session at the sports field and, after the huge success of the last one, another quiz about your teachers!

All of these events are going to be done virtually so very different from normal but this doesn’t make them any less special. In fact, it has given us a chance to be even more creative than usual! It also gives us a chance to share these with a wider audience. Usually KS2 only attend Prize Giving due to space limitations but this year, those of you in KS1 can, this year, watch and enjoy. Trust me, it’s one not to be missed! It also means those who cannot usually make events due to work, age or distance can join in with our end of term celebrations – another positive of our current situation.

A huge thank you to everyone that has been involved in these events! Parents you have been truly wonderful from making graduation hats to recording videos at home we wouldn’t have done it without you. So much behind the scenes work has gone into these ‘productions’ that actually Steven Spielberg or David Yates (yes, I have been in one of his films!!) would be proud and I am so excited to share these with you. Although we cannot be together as we would like, we can still end the year on a high and celebrate the academic year 2019-2020 – it’s certainly one we will never forget!

Life skill of the day: Can you do some filing of paperwork?

Day of the year themes: ‘Beautician’s Day’, ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’, ‘Cream Tea Day’, ‘Chocolate Pudding Day’ and ‘Canoe Day’.

So this is a great excuse to make some scones this weekend and have lots of strawberries and clotted cream – yummy!

Some things to look forward to over the weekend as well:

Saturday – ‘Pineapple Day’, ‘Sunglasses Day’, ‘Armed Forces Day’ and ‘Orange Blossom Day’.

Sunday – ‘Log Cabin Day’, ‘Logistics Day’, Ceviche Day’, ‘Tapioca Day’, ‘Insurance Awareness Day’ and ‘Happy Heart Hugs Day’.

Thunk of the day: Remember, Thunks are unusual questions that are designed to make you think. There are no right or wrong answers -just your answer. The only rule is that you must be able to justify and explain your answer. You cannot just say the first thing that comes into your head. Really think about the question and discuss with your family!

Question: Is war ever a good thing??

TOPS activity of the week:

Can you take a root vegetable and turn it into something else? For example – a potato into a super hero? A carrot into a Harry Potter wand? A turnip into an elephant? Be mega creative and use whatever you have with you! Please send me lots of photos!

Quote of the Day: “If you stumble, make it part of the dance.”

Joyous June calendar task: See the upside of a difficult situation from which you have learnt.

Sleeps til Santa: 182

Enjoy today and have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Bennett 😊