Highclare Home Science: Experiment 2 Garden Rockets

The second experiment in the Highclare Home Science series is Garden Rockets!

Mrs Dudley had a lot of fun  with this experiment, when a science teacher has soooooo much fun and is impressed at how high the rocket goes you know it is a fun experiment, we hope that you enjoy it too. Click below to view this week’s video and open the document 2. Newton’s 3rd Law – Rockets to find full instructions on how to complete the task.

Please share photos of your experiments to marketing@highclareschool.co.uk or share on twitter with the hashtag #HighclareHomeScience, images will be shared on Highclare social media channels in the hope that we can inspire as many children as we can to ‘have a go’ at science!  Good Luck! 

We received some fantastic pics of the Density Rainbow experiment and will share them on social media over the next week

Mrs Dudley, Senior School Head of Science