Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin, 25 March 2020

Posted: 25th March 2020

Good Wednesday morning, Prep School children,

Its another glorious day!

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. It was so warm that I managed to sit in my garden and do some work – the birds were singing and the heat of the sun was glorious. It made me really grateful to be able to sit and just take my surroundings in for 10 minutes. We don’t often get chance to relax and just be – so I am seeing this of a positive at the moment and I am allowing myself some well-being time each day to relax, reflect and be grateful for all I have.

I have loved getting your emails and photos through – they have all made me smile and I am so proud that you are all working hard for your parents. Today I have seen pictures of throwing and catching practise, dog walking, maths sums, pyramid building, science experiments with tights, stories being read and washing up the dishes after dinner – to name only a few!

I have especially enjoyed all of the dog pictures in light of national ‘Puppy Day’ on Monday. I didn’t know we had so many different types of dog owners out there! Some of them have been a real surprise to me! It has been lovely to see you all taking responsibility for your pets from bathing them, to feeding and walking them! Keep this up.

So each day I promised I would be sending you a life skill task to complete and also a joke, poem, picture, fact or reflection. Here we go for Wednesday 25th March 2020:

Life skill of the day: Can you lay the table ready for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Day of the year theme: ‘Waffle Day’, ‘Tolkien Reading Day’ and ‘Manatee Appreciation Day’ – there is something in there for us all – we can find out what a manatee is, the older children can read some Tolkien and we can all eat waffles! Happy days!

Facts of the day: No-one has got this correct yet – don’t forget house points are on offer!
Mrs Bennett has been in Hollywood blockbuster film, directed by David Yates (Harry Potter director!). One house point if you can name the film!

TOPS activity of the week from Miss Dalton: Can you create a poster/card/picture for key workers, parents, neighbours, teachers etc that shares an uplifting message at this time? Please can you send any pictures of these tome and I will share with Miss Dalton. There is no rush to do this – I know you are all so busy. It is also optional, please don’t feel pressured.

Poem of the day: This has been kindly sent to me from Miss Broder
I heard a little rumour,
I don’t know if it’s true,
That the world is going to be at peace
For at least a month or two.

I heard that folk must stay at home,
And spend time with their kin,
Slow down, relax and take a breath,
And find some peace within.

And though we may be worried,
About school and friends and bills,
We will notice beauty everywhere, Blue skies, fresh lakes, green hills.

And when a month or two is over,
And we can all go back to our lives,
People will all show gratitude,
That their loved ones all survived.

Have a fantastic day, everyone and remember – now you know how to make your bed and wash up – there is no excuse not to!

Until tomorrow’s Mrs Bennett’s Bulletin, stay safe,

Mrs Bennett 😊