The Wildest Show At Highclare Prep

This year KS2 pupils at Highclare Preparatory School: Woodfield pulled off two barnstorming performances of Ye-Ha, the children captivated and engaged the audience of friends and family from the first scene right through to the last .

The detailed and intricate set immediately transported everyone watching back to the Wild West and the production captured the freedom and spirit of life in a simpler time through action, dance and witty one-liners.

From the unlikely hero Wilbur (Jacob L) to the villainous Tex Truman (India K) every performer excelled, even our very own Dr Luker played an important role.  We are very proud of all the performers and pupils who supported this production.

One final note, Snuffit (Hugh) and Rott (Yousef) are available for all your funeral needs…they are dead keen!