Highclare Senior School Bake Off 2019

Posted: 20th June 2019

The Annual Highclare Senior School Bake Off house competition final took place on Tuesday 18 June when students prepared fantastic pasties of different savoury fillings in just one and a half hours.

Launched by Mrs. Smith in her assembly on 7 June 2019. Pupils were shown via a film how to make shortcrust pastry followed by a live demonstration on how to fill and shape the pastry into savoury pasties.

The competition took place on Tuesday 18 June between 11.00 and 12.30pm. Six very eager competitors, two from each house, took part and produced some delicious pasties, the smell as you approached the Food Technology room was amazing! The competition was judged by Dr. Luker and Mrs. Moore who enjoyed tasting all the pasties to aid their decision making.

Once again the standard of bakes proved to be high and it was a very close call, the final results are:

House points

1st Tudor

2nd York

3rd Lancaster


1st place Nellie Gwaza

2nd place Ketii Abebe

3rd place Rhaina Madzinga

Euan Edwards, Isobel Budden and Jude Hughes were all highly commended.

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