J4 Forensic Science Day

Posted: 7th June 2019

During a visit to Highclare Senior School on Wednesday 4 June, J4 Highclare Preparatory School pupils enjoyed a fantastic day of science experiments at Highclare Senior School science department.

The day began with pupils learning how to separate the mixtures of ink found in felt tip pens using chromatography, how to recognise and classify their fingerprints and how to identify different white powders using different tests.

Armed with their new science skills and following a delicious lunch, pupils were then ready to solve the Mystery of the Biscuit Burglar!

J4 proved themselves to be fantastic forensic scientists and they worked hard in their teams to analyse the evidence provided using the skills that they had learnt earlier in the day and carefully question the four very shifty suspects to reveal the criminal who had stolen the fresh supply of bus driver’s biscuits.

Special mentions must go to our bus drivers Phil and Steve, Senior School Head Teacher Mrs Moore and Senior Lab Technician Mrs Taylor for their wonderful contributions as our prime suspects during the investigation in the afternoon. The children all engaged fully with every activity and made wonderful progress with  science skills and the use of some tricky scientific terminology. We can’t wait to do it all again!