British Values At Highclare Preparatory School

Posted: 5th June 2019

Highclare Preparatory School have taken time to think about British Values, it has been incorporated into classroom activities and the theme of J1’s fantastic assembly.

While reflecting on the theme British Values Highclare Pre-Preparatory Swans class at Highclare Pre-Preparatory School: St Paul’s decided to focus on “Good Manners” as part of the British Values theme.

A fantastic story was shared with the children about a little girl who kept forgetting her manners and so had to carry them around in a bag.  The children then made their own “Pocketful of Manners” with words to remind them tucked away inside.

“We are sure the children will enjoy sharing them at home. They have enjoyed making their special pockets and they are getting really good at remembering to use the words inside.”

Continuing the focus on British Values J1 performed a fantastic assembly to their peers. The children talked about democracy, the rule of law, tolerance and individual liberty, as well as values they decided were important to them, such as kindness, honesty, friendship and teamwork. Every child spoke with confidence and expression, showing just how far they have come this year.