Exceptional Mathematical Talent At Highclare Senior School

Posted: 1st May 2019

Following on from their success at the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, we would like to congratulate Hanhong Lin and Tim Pan on their fantastic achievements during the most recent round of the competition.

Kangaroo success – April 2019

Having previously achieved a gold award during the Intermediate Maths Challenge, Hanhong Lin (L5) received an invitation to sit an extension paper to the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, the Kangaroo (inspired by the Australian Mathematics Trust.)  Each year over six million school pupils aged 5-18, from more than 50 countries take part in the Kangaroo contest at various levels.

Following a tough mathematical paper Hanhong has placed in the top 25% of year 10 pupils taking part in the global Kangaroo contest and achieved a merit certificate, a fantastic achievement.  Hanhong has also been invited to a National Mathematics Summer School following her excellent performance in this year’s Intermediate Mathematical Challenge. Well done Hanhong – an amazing accolade!

Maths Olympiad – April 2019

Tim Pan (U4) achieved an impressive 50 out of a possible 60 marks on the UKMT invitational follow-on round known as the Cayley Olympiad. Having already achieved a gold award in the Intermediate Maths Challenge held in February Tim completed a tough two hour paper sat by only the top mathematics pupils in the country.

During the challenge pupils had to produce well-reasoned, logical arguments showing the correct solution for each question, to one of Tim’s answers the marker commented “this is probably the best explained solution I’ve seen” . By scoring 50 marks Tim has placed himself in the top 100 year 9 students nationally. He will receive a medal and certificate of distinction. Well done Tim, another amazing achievement!

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