The Amazing Performance Of Superstan At Highclare Preparatory School: Woodfield

The year’s Highclare Preparatory School: Woodfield Junior production can be described in just one word, AMAZING. ‘The amazing adventures of Superstan’ to be precise.

All Junior pupils played an important role and they delivered a truly wonderful performance. The level of acting was truly excellent, all of J6 enjoyed a speaking part and all demonstrated the confidence to be on stage and perform in front on an audience, very impressive.

A huge well done to J3, J4 and J5 pupils who supported the performance with their wonderful singing with a special mention to the small group of J5 children who took on the remaining acting roles and participated as extras for the citizen scenes.

There were plenty of laughs, cheers and groans (at the intentional bad jokes!). The audience on both nights really enjoyed themselves and the staff involved thoroughly enjoyed working with the children to put together this year’s performance, we’re still singing songs from the production now!  Congratulations!