School Librarian Good Read – March 2019

Posted: 7th March 2019

Every month Highclare Senior School Librarian, Mrs Daniels, will be inspiring readers to enjoy a variety of books through highlighting a few ‘good reads’.  This month both books have been nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2019 and are aimed at U3 and L4 pupils.

The House With Chicken Legs

Sophie Anderson

This book is a take on a Russian folk tale, a gentle and bold adventure about Marinka who lives with her grandmother, Baba Yaga.  She longs to stay in one place long enough to make friends but the house they live in travels the world on its chicken legs. Although the book touches on dark, difficult themes, it is above all a story of hope.




Boy 87

Ele Fountain

Boy 87 touches on one of the tragedies of our time, the plight of child refugees.  It is about

Shif and his struggle for survival, when,  for his own safety, he is forced to leave his mother and sister and be separated from the ones he loves.  The power of the human spirit wins through in this heart-wrenching story.

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