Oh What A Knight Indeed!

Posted: 1st March 2019

Highclare Preparatory School: St Paul’s outstanding junior production 2019 was staged before half term as J3 to J6 pupils introduced family and friends to Arthur and the knights of the Round Table on Camelot’s craziest quest in a hilarious musical adventure!

A castle full of colourful characters joined in the fun, including precocious princesses, a talking dragon – and not forgetting Merlin and his magic mirror, What a Knight,  written by Craig Hawes, took Highclare prep pupils on the biggest quest of their lives! After lots of lines learnt and songs sung, we can definitely say… “What a Show”.

Our villain, the Black Knight, tried his best to steal the sword Excalibur and rule the land but our unlikely hero, Watt Cobblers, was on hand to save the day. Watt Cobblers was joined by Princess Alice, a group of trusty knights, Dusty the Dragon and Merlin the Wizard, together, they were all able to defeat the Black Knight and his evil henchmen, Ernie and Bernie Blackhead.

All in all, it was a fabulous production, the children worked extremely hard on all three performances and their dedication and commitment shone through. As always, we wish to thank parents for attending and supporting the production.

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