Life skills at Highclare School

Posted: 30th January 2018

Pupils across Highclare School have enjoyed partaking in important life-skill activities over the last fortnight.  From Junior school pupils meeting a paramedic and his ambulance, handling money & discussing staying safe in their home to 6th Form pupils reflecting on Mindfulness, learning essential maintenance & First Aid skills & experiencing team building the British Army way; the recent Highclare enrichment activities have proved tremendously successful.

Across the Junior School we welcomed lots of visitors on Life skills Day including Mrs Challenor who demonstrated crossing the road properly and a visiting paramedic and his ambulance who spoke with a fascinated J3.  Pupils of all ages loved using money in many different ways including problem solving, giving change and budgeting, all essential life skills that pupils are never to young learn. 

Enrichment activities such as the recent Highclare Junior Life skills day and the Highclare 6th Form enrichment fortnight form part of a larger School ethos that pupils at Highclare School receive an excellent academic education alongside the opportunity to refine life skills through trips, experiences & activities.

Providing an enriched education across all ages creates an inclusive attitude at Highclare School, fundamental to ensuring individuals receive a well-rounded education achieving and surpassing their individual excellence.

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