Young Highclare Pre-School pupils looking for mini beasts at Kingsbury Water Park

Pre-School children enjoy exploring pond life

Children from Pre-School 2 at Highclare Junior School in Sutton Coldfield went to Kingsbury Water Park in North Warwickshire, so they could explore pond life!

Their exciting day started with a coach journey, with packed lunch in hand, and many plans for their ‘Pond Dipping’ activity.

The first part of the day was enjoyed playing a game – looking for caterpillars to help the baby thrush, a great activity set up by the park rangers to learn about baby birds (Pieces of coloured wool were scattered around the area and the children had to hunt for them so they could feed the baby thrush these ‘colourful caterpillars’, and place them on the baby thrush velcro board.)

After the game it was off to the pond-dipping platforms at last ! With the help of a grown-up, everyone used fishing nets, spy-glasses and plastic spoons to sift through ‘the catch’ and search for mini-beasts, identifying them using the chart kindly supplied by the rangers.  Some found beetles, others found tiny fish and snails were an absolute favourite.

During the search some ducks and their tiny ducklings were found swimming amongst the reeds which was a lovely surprise.

It was a wonderful day and fun at Kingsbury Water Park, with lots of memories and stories to remember and experiences to talk about at school.

Highclare Pre-School pupils ready to go pond dipping

Pre-School pupils prepare to explore

Pre-School children from Highclare School look at birds in Kingsbury Water Park

Identifying the birds at Kingsbury Water Park

 Pond dipping is such fun

Highclare pupils go pond dipping

Catching mini beasts in Kingsbury Water Park

Catching mini beasts

Identifying creepy crawlies!

Identifying the wildlife

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