U6 students attend the Tectonic Hazards Conference

Posted: 28th November 2016


Professor Iain Stewart, known as geology’s ‘rock star’ and well known to the public as presenter of BBC science programmes such as Earth: the Power of the Planet and Volcano Live was one of the speakers at this year’s Tectonic Hazards Conference held in London.   U6 Geographers found his presentation on mitigation of earthquake hazards to be particularly entertaining and informative.  With 6 other fantastic presentations from university professors and chief examiners, the group gained great insight into the subjects discussed and came away with lots of tips and additional notes for the forthcoming A2 examinations.  After our 6am start and 6 hours of lectures, it was then time to visit Oxford Street for a study of the impact of Black Friday on pedestrian numbers (or really just to start our Christmas shopping!)



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