J5 History Trips

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

J5 at Highclare Woodfield travelled to Stratford to experience life in Tudor times.  At the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust they enjoyed learning about all aspects of Tudor life as they took part in the Rich Man, Poor Man workshop.  They were especially interested in the documents and treasures held in the secure vaults which include the only surviving letter to William Shakespeare and Shakespeare’s gold signet ring.

The children were excited to see the house where Shakespeare was born and lived and were fascinated to think that they were walking in the footsteps of not only Shakespeare, but other well-known visitors such as Charles Dickens, John Keats, Walter Scott and Thomas Hardy.

A walk through the streets of Stratford took them past Nash’s House and on to Hall’s Croft and during the walk some amazing old black and white buildings could be seen.  The children were amazed by how crooked and “wobbly” the buildings looked.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their step back in time to Tudor life.

Sarehole Mill

J5 at Highclare St Paul’s visited Sarehole Mill in Birmingham as part of their combined History and Design Technology studies.

They enjoyed several fun-filled activities during the day including how to grind wheat and make bread.