A Hut for Handa

As part of their ‘Understanding of the World’ area of learning, Pre-School 1 children, (Butterflies) were introduced to Handa, a character created by the author and illustrator, Eileen Browne. 
After studying ‘A Surprise for Handa’, the children helped to create a hut just like Handa’s.  The Butterflies were encouraged to use PVA glue to collage a 2-dimensional house so they could practise handling and manipulating the fresh hygienic hay, which smelt ‘sweet’ and ‘like fresh air’, as noted by a small group of children. 
Later in the week the children were able to work in the outdoor classroom, where they helped their teacher create a 3-dimensional hut from recycled materials.

This wonderful, life size creation was used in role play activities which everyone enjoyed. Unfortunately, due to changes in the British weather, the hut only lasted 5 days but was a very enjoyable activity in our fabulous outdoor environment.