Senior students travel to France

At the end of term a group of senior pupils and five members of staff travelled to Normandy. They stayed in a picturesque old chateau in Molay-Littry, not far from the medieval town of Bayeux. The pupils had a fun-filled and jam-packed itinerary. The chateau staff provided disco night, crêpe tasting, a blindfold trail and an egg protector game to name but a few. Also they visited the Bayeux Tapestry, the American and German war cemeteries and the D-Day museum in Arromanches. They had fun in the sun on Gold and Omaha beaches and the pupils especially enjoyed the free taster bag of caramel from the Caramels d'Isigny factory, where they also has a tour around the factory. They ended the trip with an evening of bowling, where they all had great fun. It was a most enjoyable trip and everyone is looking forward to returning to the Chateau du Molay.