Highclare’s National Swimming success at the Olympic pool

Six senior and two junior Highclare pupils were selected to represent the Midlands at the ISA National Swimming Finals held at the Olympic Pool in London.  Our swimmers collected a total of 3 gold and 11 silver medals between them.           Their individual and relay successes contributed to the Midlands taking the double victory and winning both the overall boys and girls competitions.

Individual Successes- Seniors
Alexandra B  Gold – 50m Freestyle
(Year 8)         Gold – Medley relay*  *New National Record
                     Silver – 50m Butterfly
                     Silver – Freestyle relay

Harriet G       Gold – Medley relay*  *New National Record
(Year 8)         Silver – 50m Backstroke

Chloe A        Silver – Medley relay
(Year 11)      Silver – Freestyle relay
                        5th – 100m Freestyle

Adin K          Silver – Medley relay
(Year 8)        Silver – Freestyle relay

Laura R        Silver – Freestyle relay
(Year 11)

Timothy B     Silver – Freestyle relay
(Year 8)

Individual Successes- Juniors

Jack A           Silver – 50m Backstroke
(Year 4)         Silver – Freestyle relay

Bethany R     6th – 50m Freestyle
(Year 4)         5th – Freestyle relay

Team Results
Girls (Year 4 – Year 13)     Boys (Year 4 – Year 13)
1st Midlands  210             1st Midlands  217
2nd London West 209       2nd North  199
3rd London South 160       3rd London West 187
4th North  158                    4th East Anglia  169
5th East Anglia  147           5th South West 137
6th South West 127            6th London South 136
7th London North 83          7th London North   63

This is a fitting reward for all the hard work the pupils put into their swimming training sessions. They are a real asset and credit to the school.