J4 Prepare for Battle!

Sin, dex! Sin, dex! Sin, dex! Sin, dex!

J4 students from Highclare St Paul’s visited The Lunt Roman Site near Coventry. They enjoyed a tour of the fort in the morning, learning about what it would have looked like in Roman times. Pupils listened to a talk about the gruesome (and smelly) ways the Romans kept the Celts out of their fort. They then entered the fort through the large gates and climbed up the ramparts to get a good view of everything. One of the most prominent features at Lunt is the gyrus, which was an area for training cavalry horses. It is the only one in the world to be found inside a fort. The children also looked at the outlines of where the buildings would have been. They saw the hospital, the baths and the soldiers' dormitories, and discovered why there would only have been six beds in a room which belonged to eight men.

The children then went inside the only reconstructed building at The Lunt- the granary. Inside, they learnt more about what the buildings inside the fort may have looked like and what the soldiers wore. Ronav and Rosie dressed up as Nero and Boudicca and Kush wore the clothes and armour of an infantry soldier.
After lunch, they were led back outside by the standard bearer. J4 were all issued with a gladius (sword) and taught how to wear and draw it. They were then each given a scutum (shield) and were led off into training. Their teachers tried to attack J4 with arrows but the teachers were outnumbered and victory belonged to the J4 children!  They all passed the test and were sworn in to the Roman Army.
Hail Claudius!